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Straight Stitch Needle Plate for Bernina Activas, Virtuosas and Auroras

This stitch plate promotes perfect stitch quality when working with very delicate fabrics such as fine batiste, silks, etc.

The small needle hole provides fabric support all around the needle as the stitch is formed, preventing distortion in delicate fabrics

Favored by quilters for piecing. Combined with Patchwork Foot #37, it facilitates the piecing process, especially at the beginning and end of seams

Use in combination with Foot #13 (straight stitch foot) when maximum fabric control is required

Foot number 43: Free Motion Couching Foot

This foot allows you to couch yarns and cords to fabric surfaces using freemotion techniques; two guides place the cording in position for securing with a straight stitch.

The foot is easy to set-up: Simply attach the guide to the thread cutter and then attach the foot to your machine. Thread cord or yarn though the opening on side of the foot, and then drop the feed dog.

This foot works with a straight stitch only.

The Bernina Grabbit

The magnet in this pin catcher is strong enough to really do what its name implies: catch your pins. Simply drop the pins over the Grabbit and they will be securely kept together. The smooth, curved surface of the Grabbit makes it easy to pick up pins

Note: it is safe to keep your Grabbit next to your Bernina (all models). Computerized Berninas are not affected by magnets such as the Grabbit

Overlocker Feet

There are a number of additional feet available for your overlocker that extend its' features and capabilities:

Multi-purpose Foot: The guide groove and the open guide channel are useful for feeding strung beads and sequins as well as piping. For couching strung beads, and sequins and making and attaching piping.

Elasticator: The elasticator guides and stretches elastic tape while it is being stitched on. Ideal for constructing lingerie, swimwear, sportswear, dancewear and home decorating projects.

Blindstitch Foot: The blindstitch foot has an adjustable blade on the side that serves as a guide to facilitate the stitching of blind hems. For blind-hemming, flatlocking and heirloom techniques

Cording Foot: The cording foot is useful when overlocking small cord, wire, fishline, perle cotton or fine yarn into a rolled hem stitch. Ideal for reinforced edges, stand-up ruffles, or shapable bows.

Gathering Attachment: The flap of this attachment separates the two layers of fabric. The bottom layer gathers while the top layer remains flat. For easy gathering of lengths of fabric, and gathering and attaching to a flat piece of fabric.

All of these overlocker feet are available from Exquisite Stitch.

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