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Most domestic sewing machines use the 130/705H Needle System.  This will be on the case along with the size and a letter for the style of needle e.g. Q for Quilting.  

When buying needles first look for the Needle system that is right for your machine and then choose the size and style for the type of sewing you are doing.

 For Industrial Bernina Machines ask for the 287WH Needle System

For older Bernina's check with us if the 705B Needle System is more appropriate


Style Needle Point Needle Sizes available Used for
Ball Point
Has a rounded point. 60-100 70 for lingerie, nylon, jersey

80 for T-shirt

90 for sweatshirt fleece

Has a more rounded point and a blue anti cling coating. Yellow marking at top of needle. 90 Anti-cling coating helps to prevent skipped stitches in knits, elastic and sometimes used on Ultrasuede, vinyl, and plastic.
StretchTwin Double needles with ball points and larger scarf. Blue bar above needles. 2.5mm/75


Used for hemming and for sewing double needlework on knits. Larger scarf prevents skipped stitches on right.
Universal A compromise between a sharp and a ball-point needle, with the idea that it can be used on both woven and knit fabrics. 60-110


Assorted packs

60 for very fine batiste

70 for broadcloth

80 for trigger and gabardine

90 for denim, twill

100-110 for canvas

A sharp point. Blue marking at top of needle. 80-100 Sharpness of needles makes it better for use on denim and woven fabrics where a clean stitch is desired.
Microtex A sharp point with a thinner shaft. Purple marking at top of needle. Assorted packs 60 for silk, batiste, lace and microfibers.
Quilting A thinner more tapered point. Green marking at the top. Assorted Packs

(75 & 90)

Design of needles causes less damage to fabric when seaming and cross seaming.
Topstitch A sharp point with a larger eye and a deeper groove. 100 & 110

sold individually

or in packs

For use with heavier threads - the larger groove cradles the heavier threads.
Sharp needles with a large eye and groove; also has a coating and a larger scarf. Red marking at the top of the needle. 75-90 Use size 80 with embroidery, metallic or decorative thread.  Prevents shredding of rayon or metallic threads. 2 threads may be used through the eye of a size 90.
Two needles on one shaft. 1.6mm/70





For pintucks, hems and decorative work.
Triple   Three needles on one shaft. 3.0mm/90 Use to create a mock smocked look as well as other decorative effects.
Wing    Sharp point with a non-cutting wedge of metal on either side. 100 Needle makes a hole in fabric without cutting the threads of the fabric. Used for decorative and heirloom work. Works best on natural fibres or on the bias.
Double Wing  
One regular needle and one wing needle on a single shaft. 100 Use as Wing above- makes one large hole and one regular one.
Leather Sharp cutting wedge. 80-90 Used for sewing leather only. Not for vinyl or simulated leathers.

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